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IFTTT: Ampere launches new chip built from ground up for cloud workloads

Ampere, the chip startup run by former Intel President Renee James, announced a new chip today that she says is designed specifically to optimize for cloud workloads.

Ampere VP of product Jeff Wittich says the new chip is called the Ampere Altra, and it’s been designed with some features that should make it attractive to cloud providers. This involves three main focuses including high performance, scalability and power efficiency — all elements that would be important to cloud vendors operating at scale.

The Altra is an ARM chip with some big features.”It’s 64-bit ARM cores or 160 cores in a two-socket platforms –we support both one socket and two socket [configurations]. We are running at 3 GHz turbo, and that’s 3 GHz across all of the cores because of the way that cloud delivers compute, you’re utilizing all the cores as much of the time as possible. So our turbo performance was optimized for…

IFTTT: Sensel raises a $28M Series A to bring pressure sensing tech to more mobile devices

I was honestly a surprised to find out from Sensel that the company is only just recently raising its Series A. The Sunnyvale-based hardware startup has been around since 2013, bringing its first product, the modular music and computing Morph peripheral, to market a few years back.

Over the past few years, however, the company’s been undergoing a bit of a slow motion pivot. As fascinating as the Morph has been, the multiple touch input device has proven to be something more akin to a proof of concept for Sensel. I’ve met with co-founder and CEO Ilya Rosenberg at CES the last couple of years and watched as it changed its outward facing focus from standalone hardware offering to smartphone/tablet components.

The new $28 million Series A brings its total funding up to $38 million, courtesy of Susquehanna International Group, Morningside Group, SMiT, Palm Commerce Holdings Co. Ltd…

IFTTT: Brooklinen raises $50M to open more stores and expand internationally

Brooklinen, a startup that sells bedding and other home goods online, has raised $50 million in new funding from Summit Partners.

Recent headlines are spurring bigger questions about the direct-to-consumer retail business, with Blue Apron exploring a potential sale and Casper also disclosing disappointing growth and persistent losses. but Brooklinen co-founder and CEO Rich Fulop said his company is different in one key way: It’s profitable.

In fact, Fulop said that the startup has been profitable for three of the last five years. When Brooklinen first launched in 2014,, it had to be profitable, because investors were skeptical about the idea, leaving Rich and Viki Fulop (they’re husband-and-wife co-founders) to bootstrap the company until raising $10 million from FirstMark Capital in 2017.

Even then, Fulop told me he was “kind of uncomfortable” spending more money than he was taking in, so…

IFTTT: iPhone夜間模式攝影比賽結果出爐 體現不同文化夜晚之美

Apple稍早公布iPhone夜間模式攝影比賽結果,評審團從全球成千上萬份參賽作品中選出了6張獲獎照片,這些獲選的照片將會刊登在Apple Newsroom、Apple官方IG,以及特定城市的廣告看板、Apple零售店當中。有趣的是,這次獲獎的6張照片中,有3張入選照片是由3位來自俄羅斯的參賽者奪得。 《詳全文…》

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IFTTT: 黑鲨游戏手机 3 体验:它像是小米 10 游戏版
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IFTTT: 3499 元起,腾讯手游加持的黑鲨游戏手机 3 系列正式发布
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IFTTT: Meet Europe’s top 100 scaleups at Tech5 Founders Day
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IFTTT: What 2020 means for encryption
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IFTTT: What 2020 means for encryption
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IFTTT: The regulatory fights facing every major tech company
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IFTTT: Everything you need to know about Section 230
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IFTTT: Why we’re covering the 2020 election
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IFTTT: Amazon makes its same-day delivery service faster in select U.S. cities

Amazon this morning announced another step it’s taken to speed up same-day deliveries. The company has installed what it’s calling “mini-fulfillment centers” closer to where customers live in select U.S. markets, including Philadelphia, Phoenix, Orlando, and Dallas. The new facilities allow Amazon to reduce same-day delivery times down to just a few hours for Prime members in those areas.

Shoppers will be able to order from up to 3 million items across dozens of categories, where they’re marked as “Today by.” This is slightly different from how other same-day services operate, as they require you to fill a cart and pick a time slot for delivery. Prime members will instead be able to view how quickly a given item can arrive on their doorstep as they’re browsing

This also allows customers to shop throughout the day, rather than having to hop online in the morning to reserve an a…

IFTTT: The Verge guide to the 2020 election
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IFTTT: Why we’re covering the 2020 election
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IFTTT: All the ways Congress is taking on the tech industry
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21:16 LINE Notify IFTTT: 全球首款 144Hz 超高屏幕刷新率,游戏手机真正迈入主机时代
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21:51 LINE Notify IFTTT: 包机、直播、填表,服装业复工大考
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21:51 LINE Notify IFTTT: 出海日报|苹果在印度生产 iPhone 11 失败,对中国的依赖日益增加;菲律宾 VC 斥资2亿美元扶持本地独角兽
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21:51 LINE Notify IFTTT: 曾经令我崩溃的职场,藏着让人成长的真相
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IFTTT: Datastax acquires The Last Pickle

Data management company Datastax, one of the largest contributors to the Apache Cassandra project, today announced that it has acquired The Last Pickle (and no, I don’t know what’s up with that name either), a New Zealand-based Cassandra consulting and services firm that’s behind a number of popular open-source tools for the distributed NoSQL database.

As Datastax Chief Strategy Officer Sam Ramji, who you may remember from his recent tenure at Apigee, the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Google and Autodesk, told me, The Last Pickle is one of the premier Apache Cassandra consulting and services companies. The team there has been building Cassandra-based open source solutions for the likes of Spotify, T Mobile and AT&T since it was founded back in 2012. And while The Last Pickle is based in New Zealand, the company has engineers all over the world that do the heavy lifting and help these companies successfully implement the Cassandra …

IFTTT: DocSend’s new pre-seed data shows how many founders you should have and how many investors you should meet

DocSend has become one of the most popular tools for sharing venture fundraise decks, not only because of the control it offers, but also because of the analytics it can provide founders on how VCs read decks and where they might get stuck as they are perusing from slide to slide.

The company has been generous sharing its data with us on what times are best to fundraise and how to structure a slide deck for best performance. Now the company has released a new report on the state of pre-seed funding, and it is chock full of interesting facts and figures.

When is the right time to pitch VCs for funding?

You should read the deck, but I would point out three interesting patterns that arise from the company’s data.

First, there is a really fascinating pattern comparing the number of founders at a startup with the amount of money the startup eventually fundr…

IFTTT: Shasta Ventures debuts ‘Ignite,’ a collection of help and services to drive its startups to $10M ARR

Shasta Ventures, a venture capital firm that has raised more than a half-dozen funds in its life, announced a new program this morning designed to help its portfolio companies scale to $10 million of annual recurring revenue (ARR) from $1 million ARR or less.

The project, a collection of workshops, in-person help and more, called Ignite, is designed to assist companies make it over the early-stage revenue hump. From nascent income generation to $10 million ARR is a difficult stretch that has claimed the momentum of a host of software companies.

Shasta leads rounds at seed, Series A and Series B, according to its known investing history.

Once a startup reaches $10 million ARR, conventional wisdom goes, it’s a far more stable bet both for investors and its founding team. But before that threshold, while there’s lots of material out there on how to build initial…

IFTTT: Honeywell says it will soon launch the world’s most powerful quantum computer

“The best-kept secret in quantum computing.” That’s what Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC) CEO Ilyas Khan called Honeywell‘s efforts in building the world’s most powerful quantum computer. In a race where most of the major players are vying for attention, Honeywell has quietly worked on its efforts for the last few years (and under strict NDA’s, it seems). But today, the company announced a major breakthrough that it claims will allow it to launch the world’s most powerful quantum computer within the next three months.

In addition, Honeywell also today announced that it has made strategic investments in CQC and Zapata Computing, both of which focus on the software side of quantum computing. The company has also partnered with JPMorgan Chase to develop quantum algorithms using Honeywell’s quantum computer. The company also recently announced a partnership with Microsoft.

Honeywell ha…

IFTTT: Valued at $10B, Nubank launches it’s Nu credit card in Mexico

Nubank, the Brazilian digital bank valued at $10 billion, is launching its Nu credit card in Mexico – a country where the unbanked population counts 36 million people.

The Sao Paulo-based fintech company, known for its fully-mobile digital bank and credit card, has raised $820 million across seven rounds of investment and has amassed nearly 22 million customers in Brazil alone. Now, the Nu credit card is available to all Mexicans over 18 years of age – and has already grown a waiting list of 30,000 Mexican customers. Nubank’s CEO is David Vélez, who before founding Nubank in 2013, was a partner at Sequoia Capital in charge of the firm’s Latin American investments. Nubank was co-founded by Cristina Junqueria and CTO Edward Wible. In the past year, the company has hired three more C level executives and a new CFO.

The Mexico opportunity

Nubank believes that Mexicans are ready to take back control o…

21:08 LINE Notify IFTTT: 「空中危機」訓練費950萬美元!阿聯酋「神秘模擬器」是這樣訓練空服員的
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21:08 LINE Notify IFTTT: 阿聯酋與空巴成立孵化器!為了航空業的下一個100年…它做了什麼準備?
阿聯酋與空巴、美國奇異航空等業界巨頭成立新創孵化器Aviation X Lab,他們如何替下一個新航空時代提前做準備?
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21:08 LINE Notify IFTTT: 直擊全球最大空廚!你下肚的每一根花椰菜,全靠人機完美合作
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21:08 LINE Notify IFTTT: 疫情衝擊,航空業變慘業!大家該怎樣度過難關?阿聯酋的數位布局大揭密
阿聯酋航空連續31年獲利,一路走來並非沒有逆風,《數位時代》前進杜拜,訪問了營運長Adel Al Redha,揭開阿聯酋航空持續獲利、創新的秘訣。
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20:51 LINE Notify IFTTT: 吉利造卫星“对标”特斯拉?太空会成为车企拼杀的新赛道吗?
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20:51 LINE Notify IFTTT: 法狮龙征战IPO:业绩下滑,经销商模式风险暗藏,沈正华能否如愿
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20:51 LINE Notify IFTTT: 85.1%白领半年职位未变动:做好这3点,晋升才和你有缘
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20:51 LINE Notify IFTTT: 饭圈文化为什么会畸变成这个样子?从肖战227事件说起
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20:51 LINE Notify IFTTT: 如何把产品打造成有生命力的品牌?
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20:52 LINE Notify IFTTT: 宇獺有事嗎!? EP90 – 2020 年 1 月全台 TOP 20 熱銷手機有哪些?

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20:21 LINE Notify IFTTT: 创投日报 |「EventBank捷会易」获金沙江创投数千万元 B 轮融资,「纽脉医疗」获数千万美元 B 轮融资,以及今天值得关注的早期项目
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20:21 LINE Notify IFTTT: 吉利造卫星“对标”特斯拉?太空会成为车企拼杀的新赛道吗?
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20:21 LINE Notify IFTTT: 法狮龙征战IPO:业绩下滑,经销商模式风险暗藏,沈正华能否如愿
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20:21 LINE Notify IFTTT: 85.1%白领半年职位未变动:做好这3点,晋升才和你有缘
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20:21 LINE Notify IFTTT: 饭圈文化为什么会畸变成这个样子?从肖战227事件说起
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20:42 LINE Notify IFTTT: Google cloned Apple’s 3D Touch for the Pixel using just software
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20:46 LINE Notify IFTTT: 「全球第一 CEO」辞世,他最骄傲的公司也不太行了
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20:49 LINE Notify IFTTT: Now over 90% off, Page Builder lets you create a gorgeous site in minutes
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IFTTT: 10 questions to consider before entering a startup accelerator
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20:08 LINE Notify IFTTT: 劉揚偉破除5G iPhone難產傳言,加碼揭曉鴻海電動車問世時間
iPhone 5G手機今年將因疫情而難產傳言四起,鴻海董事長劉揚偉3日法說會上表示看好5G產品越來越多,跟客戶視訊會議就能完成驗證,電動車也有進展。
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20:19 LINE Notify IFTTT: Why location-based marketing outperforms industry averages
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20:19 LINE Notify IFTTT: China’s coronavirus detection app is reportedly sharing citizen data with police
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20:21 LINE Notify IFTTT: 阿里鱼梅爽:IP赋能品牌升级怎么做?
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20:21 LINE Notify IFTTT: 36氪暖冬计划丨LE易助力企业,【支出变收入+1对1运营扶持】
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20:21 LINE Notify IFTTT: 36氪领读 | 直面创伤:如何在受创后重建内心世界?
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20:21 LINE Notify IFTTT: 为游戏带来逼真的AI拟人配音,「Sonantic」完成230万欧元融资
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20:49 LINE Notify IFTTT: Now over 90% off, Page Builder lets you create a gorgeous site in minutes
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韓朱政治交易 地方動向受矚
郭柯誰當主角 恐怕不易搞定
小英執政優勢  切忌大意失分
















07fW26112 中央氣象局解除大雨特報:



由於降雨趨於緩和,發生大雨的機率降低,故解除大雨特 報。

 中央氣象局地震測報中心 第010號有感地震報告
                   發 震 時 間: 108年 2月 8日 0時52分 4.9秒
                   震 央 位 置: 北 緯  23.27 °
                                    東  經 120.61 °
                   震 源 深 度:  13.4  公里
                   芮 氏 規 模:   4.9
                   相  對  位  置: 嘉義縣政府東偏南方  38.9  公里 (位於嘉義縣大埔鄉)

中央氣象局氣象報告 108年2月9日17時0分發布 2月9日14時今明天氣描述:   明(10)日東北季風影響,北部及東北部天氣較涼,其 他地區早晚亦涼;臺灣東半部及北部地區有局部短暫雨,其他 地區及澎湖、金門、馬祖為多雲到晴的天氣。臺南以北、東半 部(含綠島、蘭嶼)地區及金門、澎湖、馬祖沿海、空曠地區 易有8至9級強陣風,請注意。

中央氣象局氣象報告 108年2月8日17時0分發布 2月8日14時今明天氣描述:   明(9)日東北季風影響,北部及東北部天氣較涼,其他 地區早晚亦涼;臺灣東半部、北部地區及馬祖有局部短暫雨, 其他地區及澎湖、金門為多雲到晴的天氣。臺南以北、東半部 (含綠島、蘭嶼)地區及金門、澎湖、馬祖沿海、空曠地區易 有8至9級強陣風,請注意。

中央氣象局氣象報告 108年2月10日17時0分發布 2月10日14時今明天氣描述:   明(11)日東北季風影響,北部及東北部天氣較涼,其 他地區早晚亦涼;臺灣東半部及北部地區有局部短暫雨,其他 地區及澎湖、金門、馬祖為多雲到晴的天氣;臺南以北、東半 部(含綠島、蘭嶼)地區及金門、澎湖、馬祖沿海、空曠地區 易有8至9級強陣風;清晨及夜晚西半部地區易有低雲或局部 霧影響能見度,請注意。

中央氣象局氣象報告 108年2月7日17時0分發布 2月7日14時今明天氣描述:   今(7日)晚起至明(8)日東北季風增強,北部、東北 部及馬祖天氣轉涼,北部、東半部地區及馬祖有局部短暫雨, 其他地區及澎湖、金門為多雲到晴的天氣。今晚至明晨臺灣西 半部地區及金門易有局部霧或低雲影響能見度;今晚起臺南以 北、東半部(含綠島、蘭嶼)地區及金門、澎湖、馬祖沿海、 空曠地區易有8至9級強陣風,請注意。

中央氣象局氣象報告 108年2月6日17時0分發布 2月6日14時今明天氣描述:   明(7日)白天臺灣東部及東南地區有零星短暫雨,晚起 東北季風增強,北部、東北部地區及馬祖天氣轉涼並有短暫雨 ,其他地區及澎湖、金門為多雲到晴的天氣。明日臺灣西半部 地區及金門、馬祖易有局部霧或低雲影響能見度;晚起臺灣北 部及馬祖沿海、空曠地區易有8至9級強陣風,請注意。

2019-02-11 14:20:00 大雨特報

中央氣象局氣象報告 108年2月11日17時0分發布 2月11日14時今明天氣描述:   明(12)日東北季風稍減弱,氣溫回升,西半部日夜溫 差大;臺灣東半部地區及北部山區有局部短暫雨,東北部地區 有局部較大雨勢發生的機率,其他地區及澎湖、金門、馬祖為 多雲到晴。臺南以北、東半部(含綠島、蘭嶼)地區、恆春半 島及澎湖、金門、馬祖沿海、空曠地區易有8至9級強陣風; 西半部地區清晨易有局部霧影響能見度,請注意。

2019年2月12日 下午5:45

中央氣象局氣象報告 108年2月12日17時0分發布 2月12日14時今明天氣描述:   明(13)日東北季風稍增強,北部及東北部地區天氣稍 轉涼;臺灣北部及東半部地區有局部短暫雨,其他地區及澎湖 、金門、馬祖為多雲到晴;中部以北及澎湖、金門、馬祖沿海 、空曠地區易有較強陣風;西半部地區及金門、馬祖易有低雲 或局部霧影響能見度,請注意。